Welcome to my student blog!

Never thought that I would actually find enough motivation AND be organised enough to start a blog, but here I am! I hope to document my veterinary journey here with some bits of advice thrown in which might help and inspire others along the way.

Little pony Monty enjoying his day out in the field

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Handwritten notes based off my typed geography notes

Free IB HL/SL Geography Notes and Case Study Posters


Comprehensive notes complied from various IB textbooks for the new 2019 syllabus that are free for you to download!

UC Davis One Health for Food Systems Conference


From the 20th to 31st of July, I participated in a One Health for Food Systems conference conducted by UC Davis and WIFSS. This two-week conference brought together over 60 post-graduate and undergraduate students from China, Nepal and Japan to discuss the potential benefits of integrating a One Health approach into food systems.

Working on the powerpoint for our final presentation on floods and One Health